Who We Are 


Our vision at CCC is to be an outward – looking church, continually growing in our faith, our discipleship and our unity, with Christ as our head. As part of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:12) we believe that Jesus gives gifts to the church to edify and unify, (Eph 4:7 and Romans 12:4). We want to be a church that is moving forward, discipling people to the cross as we live out our faith, each playing our part with our specific gifts in growing God’s kingdom in the communities that we are daily living in, as well as reaching out to Heavitree and the whole city. We recognise that everyone is on a journey and our desire is that others are drawn to Jesus and that they in turn disciple others so that we move into all that God has for us. We believe that God speaks and that he is continually unveiling his specific “blueprint” for our church as we partner with Him.



City Community Church is led by a team of three people within a framework of belief that every member of the church is equal before God. We believe the Bible teaches that leadership in the New Testament church was plural, although we recognise that leadership comes in different forms and styles.
The team is a friendly and open bunch of people who have a genuine desire to serve God and to love people within and outside of CCC. Many people at the church are involved in leadership both within and outside of the church and we encourage every member playing their part together as a body and a family. As a church, we believe that both men and women should be equally involved in leadership. We also have a group within the church called ‘Guardians’, a group of wise men and women who can help advise and input into certain decisions, when needed. We also have a group of Trustees who govern the City Community Church (Exeter) Charitable Trust. The Leadership Team consists of...



Rowan is married to Curtis. They have three teenage children. Rowan is a keen scientist and teaches at a school just outside Exeter.


Rowan oversees our Hosting of meetings, Teaching, Trustee link, Finances, New Comers, Pastoral ministries, Welcoming and Refreshments teams.



Martin is married to Kay and they have two children.


Martin is a Teacher in a secondary school in Exeter.


Martin and Kay are both involved in leading worship.



Hannah is married to Ben and they have two young children. Hannah is our church worker on the leadership team, helping to build community inside and out of the church walls. She meets up with CCC folk, listening and helping them be released into their giftings. Hannah is also the face of CCC in the city, liasing with other churches, community projects and city wide initiatives.


In her spare time Hannah enjoys a good book, meeting up with friends and is partial to a good party!



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Rosie is our Children’s and Families worker at CCC. She is married to Russ who works as an ICT manager at a local Exeter high school. Together they have 2 lovely children.


Rosie’s heart and passion is to share God’s love plans and purposes with the children and families of Heavitree and beyond. She is excited at the prospect of running community groups and projects.


Alongside inspiring the children on Sundays to know more about God, prayer, and the Bible. In her spare time Rosie likes to spend time with her friends, she also likes to watch a good Netflix series with Russ.

Tom and Nia are our youth work coordinators at CCC and are also trustees.


Tom works as a solicitor for a local law firm and Nia works in research at the University.

In the summer they both lead on various Devon Christian Youth Camps and Tom leads the youth work for Devon Churches Together at the County Show. 

Tom and Nia are passionate about equipping young people to develop a faith of their own and learn what it means to live this out in their lives.




Jenny is the CCC Administrator, supporting the Leadership team and providing administration across the church. She has a family with 3 children and is safeguarding lead for CCC.
Jenny loves to swim and on the coldest of days can be found in the sea.



Our safeguarding officers are Jenny Potter and Tom Cox .


You can get in touch with them at the following email address:


Links to our safeguarding policies can be found here.